Monday, 11 June 2012

olympic athletics tickets

Athletics is a major event in Olympics that consists of many sporting events such like running , jumping , throwing , walking  etc. But the most famous and interested part of athletics competition  is field and road running. Athletics is one of the most commonly competed sports event of Olympics. An Olympic event is not completed without athletics event. In London 2012 olympics all non-road athletics events will be held at Olympic stadium. Athletics event consists of 16 fields events that was categorized into two for both men’s and women’s. All athletics events named as shot put, javline, hammer and discus and also four jumping events for men’s women’s.

Marathon race is legendary event of athletics in Olympics. Athletics became  a regular part of Olympic in 1896 olympics games. In which  marathon race has  40 kilometer (24.8 miles) distance. Butt after that in 1924 olympics event marathon race distance officially changed to 26.2 miles.

2000 athletes will be going to participate in London Olympics for the competition of running , jumping , throwing , and walking events for 47 gold medals .Olympicathleticstickets.  London Olympics 2012 will conduct athletics event from Friday 3 August- Sunday 12 August at Olympic stadium.

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