Thursday, 26 April 2012

Olympic Weightlifting

Weightlifting is the game in which different people or participants lift weight in different categories . In this competition only those people can take part who have lot of health, power and fitness . The word Power lifting is known as the strength base power of lifting weight . The weightlifting is the regular game of Summer Olympic .

The main purpose of Weightlifting is to lift weight for themselves to make their muscles or to improve your body power . The strongest competition is divided into 15 categories 8 for men and 7 for women individual. In this competition you have to lift more than three times from your body weight .

The 1630 discs which weight of 5 kg to 25 kg are used for the weightlifting competition . For the break ties the bodyweight is count for the judgment and who is weightless is consider as winner . Every lifter has a three chance to lift weight at in the type of snatch and three attempt as clean and jerk and the performance in the best lift in each lifter discipline is count to include in his total score . In other case if two athletes lift weight as same is consider as the tie . In this condition the winner is who is weightless if the weight will be same then the winner is who lift weight first.

In London Olympic 2012 the weightlifting competition will be occur at ExCel which is the host of multiple events . It will be start from Saturday28 July-Tuesday 7 August in London . In this event 260 (156men,104women) will take part . This event is glorious and excited that’s why lot of Spectators are waiting for this . The main aim of this event to inspire people toward positive activities . The people those have keen interest they can buy tickets from Global Ticket Market link at very nominal and cheap rates as compare to others .

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