Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Olympic Athletics Marathon Tickets

The origin of marathon event comes from a legend of Pheildippides.  Who is a Greek messenger He stated that he ran away from the battlefield of marathon to Athens during Athens war with Persia which took place in august 490 BC Pheildippides ran over 240 kilometers distance and convey a message to his nation that Persian has been defeated by the Greek. Olympic marathon event is one of the most original and ancient event of Olympic which was included in 1st Olympics which were held on 1896 and remain part of Olympic until now. Olympic marathon recalling the glory of Greece.

Olympic marathon event is a long distance running event of Olympics which has official distance of 42.20 kilometers approximately 26 miles. Olympic marathon distance has been changed from its origin which was 40 kilometers approximately 25 miles in 1896 Olympics. Olympics marathon event took place on road. The women marathon was introduced at 1984 summer Olympics which was held on los angles. In Olympic marathon event men’s record is 2 hour 6 minutes 32 seconds set by kamau wanijiru of Kenya in 2008 Olympics. The Olympic women’s record in marathon event is 2 hours 23 minutes 14 seconds in 2000 summer Olympics set by noako takahashi from Japan.

In London 2012 Olympics marathon event start from Sunday 5 August to Sunday 12 August at the Mall London in which hundreds of athletes compete for 2 medals and especially for the glory of their country.

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