Saturday, 31 March 2012

Olympic Football Introduction

Football is really simple and easy to understand. It starts with a ball, which is round. There are two teams, each trying to win. The objective is to kick the ball into the opposite team's net, scoring a goal. At the end of 90 minutes, the team with the most goals wins. Each football team consists of 11 players. 10 of these players get to run around, passing the ball among each other, trying to kick it into the opposite team's net, or tackling players of the opposite team when they've got control of the ball. The main point is that they're not allowed to touch the ball with their hands- you can kick it, or use any other body-part that isn't your hands or arms.The 11th player is the goalkeeper, and he is allowed to use his hands. His job is to stand at the net and keep the ball from coming in. And that's all there is to football.
These are the rules which are follow in football game. • Out of Bounds- when the ball gets out of the field's marginal boundaries, a member of the team opposite to the player who touched the ball last gets to throw the ball back into play with his hands in what's called a throw-in. • Goal kick- say someone tried to score a goal but the ball went above or besides the net, with an attacker last touching the ball. Then the goalkeeper gets to kick the ball into the game again. • Corner kick- if the same thing happened with a defender last touching the ball, a member of the opposite team gets to kick the ball into action from one of the corners near the net. • Free kick- if a team made a foul, the opposite team gets a free kick from wherever the foul happened. • Penalty kick - a free kick when a foul occurs within the 18-yard box (AKA penalty area). This usually results in a goal. • Offside- this is usually the most annoying and usually misinterpreted rule. It goes something like- you can't pass the ball the a member of your team if you're past the halfway line and there's no defender between the player you're passing to and the goalkeeper.
The origin of professional football can be traced back to 1892, with William "Pudge" Heffelfinger's $500 contract to play in a game for the Allegheny Athletic Association against the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. In 1920 the American Professional Football Association was formed. This league changed its name to the National Football League (NFL) two years later, and eventually became the major league of American football.
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