Monday, 2 April 2012

Olympic Gymnastics Trampoline Introduction

This is a amazing sport that can need a top trampolinist to reach heights of 10 metres whilst performing multiple somersaults and twists. As well as being a sport in its own right, it is widely recognized as a instruction tool for many other gymnastic disciplines and sports such as diving and freestyle skiing. Trampolining can be seen as a expression of man's desire to challenge gravity. Early civilizations devised various methods of sending a person into the air, such as using outstretched animal skins to throw them up and safely catch them on their descent. Circuses have used a number of methods to propel performers into the air for a variety of somersaults.
A Trampoline (individual or synchronized) competition is made up of three routines/rounds: Compulsory, Voluntary (both preliminary rounds) and Final Voluntary Round. Each routine is made up from 10 skills and must start and finish on the feet. The first national championships of the USA are held in 1948. In 1955, Trampoline makes its way to the Pan-American Games and finally to Europe through the discipline’s Swiss pioneer, Kurt Baechler, deceased in 2003. Another great establish who promoted the discipline was Ted Blake of Great Britain.
Scotland was the first in Europe to create its own National Federation (1958). On March 4, 1964, the Fédération Internationale de Trampoline (FIT) was established in Frankfurt a/ Main (GER). René Schaerer (SUI) was elected President and Erich Kinsel was elected Secretary General. On March 21 of the same year, the Royal Albert Hall in London hosted the first World Championships. Judy Wills and Dan Millmann (USA) are the first world champions. The programme consisted of trampoline and tumbling for both men and women. The first appearance of DMT and the Age Group competition were in 1970 in Picketts Lock in London. An Olympic discipline, the first British Olympians in Trampolining was Lee Brearley in the Men's and Jaime Moore in the Women’s event at the Sydney 2000 Games.
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