Monday, 2 April 2012

Olympic Modern Pentathlon

Modern Pentathlon competitions are conducted over a single day. The first element is fencing, for which athletes are required to fence against every other athlete. The fencing is then followed by swimming (200m freestyle) and riding (jumping over a 12-jump course). Athletes are given a score for each element of the competition. Modern Pentathlon is a regular part since 1912 at the Stockholm.
In the July 2011 Modern Pentathlon Olympic test event in London, UIPM president Klaus Schormann told Olympic news source Around the Rings that transportation will be the key issue for the UIPM during the London 2012 Olympics. "The transportation is important to get from the swimming and fencing to here in Greenwich Park," he said. "This should be properly organized, for the athletes but also for the spectators as well. ”
Except for the fencing competition, athletes do not directly compete against one another in the five events. Instead, a better absolute performance results in a higher points score; points for each event are combined to give the overall total scores. This is similar to the procedure for the decathlon in track and field athletics. However, an innovation was introduced to make the finale of the pentathlon more exciting. The last event is the cross-country run.
The Modern Pentathlon competition at London 2012 will be the first Olympic Games at which the running and shooting elements are combined. Olympic will present Modern Pentathlon from Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 August 2012, Copper Box - Olympic Park (fencing); Aquatics Centre - Olympic Park (swimming); and Greenwich Park (riding, combined event). 72 (36 men, 36 women) athletes will contest for 2 Medals. You can get Olympic Modern Pentathlon Tickets and Olympic Tickets on affordable prices from Global Ticket Market.

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