Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Olympic Synchronised Swimming Tickets

Although synchronized swimming event first demonstrated at 1952 Olympic Games but it did not become an official Olympic event until 1984 summer Olympic Games which was held in los Angeles. Synchronized swimming divided into further categories like swimming gymnastic and dance consisting of swimmers either solos, duets and trios or teams performing a synchronized routine of elaborate move in the water. Synchronized swimming requires multiple water skills such like great strength, flexibility, artistry and within precise time duration. Olympic synchronized swimming competition is not open for men but other national and international events allow male competitors with women. Both USA synchro and Canada synchro allow men to compete with women.

Synchronized swimming is extremely demanding event of Olympic that requires great strength energy and stamina. Swimmers use nose clips that help them to stay under water for longer time. But this sports still requires tremendous breath control. Synchronized swimming requires some extra ordinary skills and techniques such like sculls, eggbeaters and lifts etc.
London 2012 Olympic will present this com

petition from Sunday 5 to Friday 10 August at aquatic center in Olympic park. 104 women athletes will participate in this competition for 2 gold medals and especially for the glory of their country.

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