Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Oympic Rowing

In 1900 century rowing has become the part of modern Olympic games . Rowing is only one game in which compotators cross the end line backwards. If we give a glance to Rowing history then we come to know that it was popular game before 1200 years ago . When Cambridge and oxford universities began their rivalry . Today rivalry continuous in the shape of the Annual Board Race .

Great Britain’s guy Nickolas was the oldest Olympic champion when he won gold medal which games held at London 1908. In 1929 first Oxford-Cambridge boat race was held. French youngest boy was the first champion in Olympic his age was just at 12. He make a wonderful history for every players.

Now a day all races as distance of 2000 m but it is not a standardized distance . It is various from condition to condition. 1,000 m distance for women in 1968 rather on it was changed and reached as 2000m.
International Rowing Federation (IRF) handles the whole types of rowing games . This federation is liable to permit to who is qualify for rowing game. For this the qualifying rounds are held to access the performance of each country players . The Rowing game category is featuring solo rowers, to the eight ,single sculls and consist of team events . All types of events will be held at 2000m.

In London Olympic 2012 Rowing competition will be held at Eton Dorney from Saturday28 July – Saturday 4 August . Rowing event contain 14 medals competition . 550 (353men,197women) will be participate in this glorious event. Rowing events required lot of power, hard efforts and bundle of encouragement to perform this game. The spectators are waiting for amazing events. The people those have keen interest and want to see this competition they can buy tickets at Global Ticket Market link at very reasonable cost.

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