Friday, 27 April 2012

Olympic Shooting Tickets

Olympic shooting has been a regular part of summer games since the birth of modern Olympic competition at 1896 summer games expect 1904 and 1928 summer games. Men’s shooting event was one of the certain events at the first modern Olympic games which was held in Athens in 1896. In 1900 Paris games first time live pigeons were introduced which were used as moving targets. After that in 1904 summer games pigeons were replaced with clay targets. In 1907 a federation for Olympic shooting known as international shooting sport federation came into existence he implements some rules and regulations for Olympic shooting event.

When Olympic shooting event was reintroduced in 1932 summer games by the Olympic federation. It has only two categories which were increased steadily by the time passing and until reaching the 2004 Olympic games into seventeen events. The 2008 Olympic events consists of fifteen events in Olympic shooting competition. Olympic shooting event consists of three types. Which are pistol and rifle and shotgun. In shotgun events competitors aim at a 10 ringed target form a set of predetermine distance by the Olympic federation which is 10m 25m and 50m.

There are certain positions which are determine by the shooting federation in which an athlete can shoot fire. An athlete can shoot by sitting or standing or prone position depending on the event categories. In the five pistol and five rifle events the shooter has to take part in two rounds the qualification and the final. The score in each round are added together and then final decision is announced who is the winner of medal. Shotgun also consists of two stages. Both stages result added to get a final result of the winner of medal.

London 2012 Olympic will present Olympic shooting competition from 28 July to 6 August at the venue of Royal Artillery Barracks. In which 390 athletes participate for 15 gold medals and especially for the glory of their country.
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