Saturday, 28 April 2012

Olympic Swimming

Swimming is the activity which is done under the water to swim as a long distance to earn point is consider as a Swimming competition . Swimming included in the modern games Olympic in 1896 in Athens . In 1930 the butterfly was develop to make this event interesting . The first man was Johnny Weissmuller who swim for 100m in one minute.

The British swimming instructor introduce a crawl technique used in freestyle . In Los Angles the first tie competition occur in 1984 when Carrie Steinseifer and American teammate swim identically for 100m freestyle . The swimming pool is 25m wide and 50m long with the dept of 3m . The 10 lines are made identically for the athletics and the center line is used for the competition .

In this nice competition four stroke are used the first is Butterfly ,Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle . All above strokes consider as individual medal. The Olympic races in the swimming pool are conducted as different distances like 500m to 1500m. The winner is consider who touch the electronic finishing touchpad at the end of pool .

In London Olympic 2012 the Swimming competition venue is Olympic park –Aquatic Center . It will be start from Saturday 28 July- Saturday 4 August . This nice competition has a lot of entertainment as compare to other events . This event has 32 medal events (32 men ,32women ) . The number of competitors are 900 in pool events and 50 in marathon swimming . From all over world every country is strict as two athletics in individual event and only one time is in the relay event. This event contains lot of entertainment and the inspiration for those persons who have keen interest in Swimming . People those have to watch this nice Swimming competition they can buy tickets from Global Ticket Market link at very nominal and cheap rates .

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