Saturday, 28 April 2012

Olympic Athletics Race walk Ticekts

Athletic race walk competition is a long distance Olympic event. Race walk is different from running event. In race walk competition the rule is that one foot must appear in contact with ground in all the time while running. Race walk event come into Olympic existence in 1904 summer games in which only half mile distance was determined for race walk event by the Olympic federation. Later on that increased steadily by the passage of time. Now Olympic athletic race walk competition has 20 kilometer distance for both men and women and 50 kilometer for only men competition.

Olympic athletics race walking event has two major rules that must have followed by the athletes. The first rule is that the athlete’s back toe cannot leave the ground surface until his heal of front foot was touched. Disobeying this rule is know as loss of contact. The second rule is that the supporting legs must remain straighten till the body passes directly over it. These two rules are judged by the human eyes which is cased by the controversy in this Olympic competition. Athletes some time loss the contact for some seconds which is not detectable by the human eyes due to fast and furious speed but some time wrongly penalty is put on the athletes. If any athlete is seas his shoulder rising it is consider as a sign of loss of contact and the judge may put a penalty on him. The speed is achieved by stepping quickly of the feet and with the aim of rapid turnover. Several techniques are followed by the race walkers for avoiding penalties.

Now London 2012 Olympics will present Olympic athletics race walk competition from 4 August to 11 August at the venue of The Mall London. In this competition hundreds of athletes participate for 2 gold medals and especially for the glory of their country.

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