Monday, 30 April 2012

Olympic Equestrian Eventing Tickets

 Equestrian eventing  made its Olympic debut at 1990 summer games which was held in paris, france. But equestrian event did not remain part of Olympic games till 1912. After  that it become as a permanent Olympic  event. Currently equestrian  event divided into three categories dressage eventing and jumping. In each discipline both individual and team medals are awarded.

Equestrian discipline in Olympic competition that involve animals because horse Is consider as athlete as human rider. Federation equestrian international  is governing body of Olympic equestrian event by the Olympic  committee. In 1924 summer games equestrian event  was initially held under FEI. Until 1952 summer Olympics , only commissioned military officers were allow to participate in equestrian competition, which also has a cause of men’s only competition. After that equestrian event is opened not only for civilians butt also become one of a few Olympic events in which men’s and  women’s compete with one another.

In equestrian eventing event horse and rider both perform a series of movements which know as eventing  test. Both rider and horse movement is watched by the a penal of judges and they awarded scores to them on the basis of individual movements. Equestrian event consists of two categories one is called individual equestrian and second is called team equestrian. In individual competition consist of grand prix and grand prix special and grand prix freestyle. But equestrian team event has only two categories like grand prix and grand prix special. In grand prix and grand prix special both rider and horse perform the same tests. But in individual equestrian the 18 riders with the best score in grand prix special and then qualify for grand prix freestyle.

London 2012 olympics will present equestrian event from 2 August to 9 August at Greenwhich park for 2 Gold medals. In which 50 athletes will participate for 2 gold medals and especially  for the glory of their country. Olympic spectators can get Olympic Equestrian Eventing  tickets and other Olympic Tickets from Global Ticket Market at very economical price.

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