Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hockey is famously known as family of all sports and games. In hockey both teams consists of equal number of players which are eleven in strength. Hockey consists of two types of games. One is field hockey which played on natural grass ground or water based artificial carpet ground . And second one is called ice hockey which is played on large flat area of ice.  Both games are played with curved sticks and white hard ball.

Hockey was initially played in a English public school in the early 19th century. And invention of hockey in Olympic games was at 1908 as only men’s competition in London Olympic 1908. At the time of paris Olympic  1924 hockey was removed from Olympic competition due to lack of international sport structure by the Olympic federation . butt after passing only one Olympic event with out hockey. It was reintroduced in 1928 amsterdam olympic as a permanent olympic event.

Now in London 2012 Olympics both Men’s and Women’s will be fighting for Gold Medal and especially  for glory of their nations from Sunday 29th July to Saturday 11th of August at the venue of river bank arena for 2 medal events.
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