Sunday, 22 April 2012

Olympic Diving

Diving is the name of jumping or falling from the platform or springboard into water . Diving is the most popular game of Olympic and like by the spectators . Fencing diving was introduce in 1900 century when gymnasts performed exercise in water . In 1800 century diving competition was develop when gymnasts in German and Sweden performed exercise into water .
Diving become the part of Olympic in 1904 , when a man got medal in 10m platform and plunge for distance .Diving competition consist of 3 types of discipline 1m ,3m springboard and platform . Athletics are divided into men category or age wise group .Divers have the option to dives from five ,seven or ten meters height towers. Divers have to performed number of set dives to impress the judges . Total marks awarded by the judges out of 10 numbers according to their body structure and difficulties performed by the divers activity .

The total score of diver concluded by the difficulty factors and the attempt of moments contribute by the divers. In the end divers with the leading score of diving is announce as the winner . The another type of diving is the Synchronized diving which was adopt Olympic games in 2000. In this type two divers dive simultaneously and sometime they would be opposite and sometimes they may be identical .
In London 2012 Olympic diving event will be held at dazzling New Aquatics Centers in Olympic park. It started from Sunday29 July-Saturday 11 August . Diving contain 8 medal events . 136 Athletics will take part (68men,68women) in this glorious event. Diving will be the most interesting event in this Olympic. The spectators those have keen interest in this event they can purchase Olympic tickets at Global ticket market link at very reliable cost.

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