Sunday, 22 April 2012

olympic boxing tickets

Boxing has been a part of summer Olympic games since 1904. Except 1912 Olympic event  which was held in Stockholm. In this Olympic games Swedish banned this event. 2008 summer Olympics was the final games with boxing as a male only event. In 2012 summer Olympics  women boxing event will be a regular part of Olympics games.

Boxing competition is organized as a set of tournament which was based on different weight categories. Olympics boxing has been between 5 and 12 weight classes and the definition of these classes has been changed several times in.Until 1936 boxing event weight categories are measured in pounds. But from 1948 Olympic event to onward weight are measured in kilograms. in boxing event participation in made on individual basis. In boxing Olympic history the record of most gold medal won belong to United States of America who won total 108 gold , silver , and bronze medals.

Since the first Olympic, Boxing event in 1904, many of the sport’s biggest names have come to dominant at the boxing event . Cassius Clay later known as Muhammad Ali in 1960 George Foreman 1968 and Oscar de la Hoya 1992 have all won Olympic gold in the past summer games.
In 2012 London Olympics women also take part with men first time in the history of summer games.

London Olympics will conduct boxing men and women competition from Saturday 28 July to Sunday 12 August at Excel. In which 286 boxer, 250 men 36 women fight for 13 Gold medals and especially for the glory of their country.
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