Sunday, 22 April 2012

olympic canoe slalom tickets

Canoe slalom became a full medal event at the 1936 berlin games. Butt canoe slalom event have to wait for its debut until 1932 Munich games. After that canoe slalom became a regular part of Olympic games in 1992 olympic programme. Canoe slalom competition categorized into two. Single canoe and double canoe for men only. Since women are not a included in this event and may be women will became part of this event in 2016 olympic games.

Initially canoe slalom competition was staged on flat water but later on it switched to white water rapids. Since it become a permanent event of Olympic it provide lot of thrills and excitements to the spectators with non-stop action on powerful and unforgivable water.
Canoe slaom event consist of timed runs down a white water course, which contain upto 25 gates. The rule is that if a person touch a gate, he adds two seconds time penalty to the run, missing a gate incurs 50 seconds penalty. The time taken to run a course in seconds is added the penalty seconds incurred to give the overall time.

London 2012 olympics will present this competition from Sunday 29 July to Thursday 2 August at lee valley white water center in which 82 athletes compete for 4 medals and especially for the glory of their country


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