Sunday, 22 April 2012

Olympic Equestrian Jumping

Equestrian jumping is the invention by hunters. In ancient days the foxes hunt by the hunters at various places . Till the 1800 century hunters went in open field for capture of foxes. Jumping was born when the fences was built during the process of enclosure then the horses needed to adapt. People were in confusion between the jumper classes and hunters. Hunters have the judge of manners to handle horses. While on other hand jumper classes were different to this.

Equestrian Jumping game is very skillful, energetic , exciting and bold competition . This events required lot of boldness , accuracy and bundle of encouragement .In this event 12-14 fences are used .The categories of this is individual , team event and men and women compete with each other for a title .The five rounds held in this competition .Two rounds are for placing in the team event. Two rounds of individual level then fifth will be final.

Parallel rails , water jumps, stimulated stones walls and triple bar are the obstacles of Equestrian Jumping. In the Beijing 2008 Olympic the Canada’s Ian Millar won the silver medal in the team jumping. The first Equestrian discipline is the Jumping was included in Olympic game

In this London Olympic 2012 the Equestrian Jumping well be held at Greenwich Park from Saturday 4-Wednesday 8 August . The two medal events will be held in this competition . Overall 75 Athletics will be take part in this glorious competition . This competition will give lot of enjoyment to spectators . People from all over world they can buy this event entry tickets from Global Ticket Market link at very cheaper and reasonable price.

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