Saturday, 23 June 2012

Olympic Cycling Mountain Bike

The Cross-country Mountain Bike competitions at the Olympic Games take place over bumpy and mountainous countryside. All riders start simultaneously and must complete a set number of laps of the course, with races lasting around one hour and forty-five minutes for both men and women. There are no heats: for the men’s and women’s events, all competitors start together, and the first rider to cross the finish line wins the gold.

Olympic Cycling Mountain Bike is regular part of Summer Olympics since 1990s. A mere six years later, cross-country Mountain Biking made its Olympic debut in Atlanta. Cycling is a great way to keep fit, as well as an environmentally-friendly means of transport.

London 2012 Olympic will present Olympic Cycling Mountain Bike from Saturday, 11 to Sunday 12 August 2012, at the Hadleigh Farm, Essex. 80 (50 men, 30 women) athletes will contest for 2 Medals. You can get Olympic Cycling Mountain Bike Tickets on affordable prices from Global Ticket Market

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