Sunday, 24 June 2012

Olympic Cycling Road

The Olympic Cycling Road planned includes two Road Cycling events for both men and women. For the Road Race (approximately 250km for men, 140km for women), all competitors start together, and the first rider to cross the end line wins gold. The first ever bicycle race was held in Paris in 1868, and was won by a 19-year-old cyclist from Suffolk named James Moore. It goes without saying that the sport has grown since these humble beginnings.

Olympic Cycling Road is regular part of first modern Olympic Games in 1896, with an 87km race that started and finished in Athens. There was no Road Cycling event at the next three Games, but the control was reintroduced in 1912 and has been a permanent part of the Olympic programs ever since.

London 2012 Olympic will present Olympic Cycling Mountain Bike from Saturday, 28 July to Wednesday 1 August 2012, at The Mall (Road Race); Hampton Court Palace (Time Trial). There are about 212 athletes will be participate in Cycling Mountain Bike (145 men, 67 women) and there are 4 Medal events will be held in this game. There is a very secure; easy, user friendly way to get Olympic Cycling Road Tickets from Global Ticket Market. You can get Olympic Cycling Road Tickets on affordable prices from Global Ticket Market.

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