Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fans Olympic Canoe Slalom

The canoe slalom events at the Olympic Games combine speed, stamina, and immense concentration. Those who compete in the event attempt to navigate rapids and currents flowing at up to 13 cubic meters per second, all while crossing gates and racing to the finish line.

In 1970, the International Olympic Committee voted to include the sport at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. That year, four total events -- three men's and one women's -- were contested, and East German athletes won gold medals in each of the events.

During the next IOC session, held in August of 1972, IOC members voted to remove the sport from the Olympic program. Thus, the sport would not be contested again in the Olympic Games for 20 years.

London 2012 Olympic will present Olympic Boxing from Sunday, 29 July to Thursday 2 August 2012, at the Lee Valley White Water Centre. 82 athletes will contest for 4 Medals. You can get Olympic Canoe Slalom Tickets on affordable prices from Global Ticket Market.

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