Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Olympic Canoe Sprint

Canoe Sprint events are head-to-head races conducted on still water, as opposed to the white-water time trials of the Canoe Slalom competition. In canoes, athletes race single (men's C1) or in pairs (men's C2). In kayaks, athletes race either single (men's K1 and women's K1), in pairs (men's K2 and women's K2) or in fours (men's K4 and women's K4).

Canoe Sprint depends on immense core and upper-body strength, as well as great stamina. Technique is vital too, to ensure getting the maximum out of every stroke.

European person John MacGregor was the founder of Canoe Sprint. He also formed the first-ever kayak club “The Royal Canoe Club of London” on the 25 July 1866 in London.

He first Canoeing competition, organised by MacGregor, was held in 1869. In 1871 the “New York Canoe Club” was established. By the 1890s, canoe sport was popular all over the European continent.

The programme for London 2012 Olympic will showcase Olympic Canoe Sprint from Monday, 6 July to Saturday 11 August 2012, at the Eton Dorney. 248 athletes will contest for 12 Medals. You can get Olympic Canoe Sprint Tickets from Global Ticket Market on affordable price.

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