Monday, 16 July 2012

Olympic Equestrian Eventing

In1900,  Equestrian events have been held during the Olympics in Paris when jumping events were occured. In 1900, a high jump and a long jump for horses were held for the only time, while in 1920, vaulting made a single appearance on the Olympic programme. Otherwise, the programme has rarely varied.

 However, equestrian events were not held again until 1912 in Stockholm. In 1952, equestrian sports events during the Olympics were contested by men only. These restrictions were lifted, and since then men and women have competed against each other in the equestrian events.
Equestrian events in the Olympics have evolved with society into one of the only Olympic events inviting skilled men and women to share the arena in competition.This sport yields a deeper appreciation of the athletes, both human and animals, presenting during Olympic Equestrian programs.

London 2012 Olympic will present Olympic Equestrian Eventing  from Saturday,28 July to Tuesday 31 July 2012, at the Greenwich Park. 75 athletes will contest for 2 Medals. You can get Olympic Equestrian Eventing Tickets on affordable prices from Global Ticket Market.

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