Monday, 16 July 2012

Olympic Questrian Dressage

Dressage is one of the Olympicequestrian sports. The modern Olympics commenced in 1896 with equestrian events appearing in the 1900 Paris Games. It was the 1912 Stockholm Games where the 'military test' first appeared and evolved into the separate Olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing, and stadium jumping.

Horses have been used for the military. Horses had to be obedient and maneuverable; a system of training was developed, first documented in the writing of the Greek Xenophon. The system of training was built upon throughout the ages, with many well-known riding masters, military and civilian, writing books expounding their methods.
By 1912, the equestrian disciplines dressage,jumping, and eventing were included. However, the riders continued to be all male and predominantly military for a few decades. The United States Cavalry at Ft. Riley exchanged ideas and instructors with the schools in Europe and started the trend that brought dressage training not only to the military but to civilians in the United States.
The Equestrian competition at London 2012 is made up of three disciplines: Dressage, Eventing and Jumping. Each discipline requires different skills from the riders and horses competing from Thursday 2 August to Thursday 9 August 2012, at the Aquatics Centre – Olympic Park. 136 (68 men, 68 women) athletes will contest for 8 Medals. You can get Olympic Equestrian Dressage Tickets on affordable prices from Global Ticket Market.

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